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Cooking the Books? – Abel Danger

Ed.’s word: A sobering read.

Source: Russia Insider

Dr. Matthew Johnson | Might 7, 2019

The writer is a well known educational historian of Russia and Ukraine, which he approaches from a Christian (Russian Orthodox) and nationalist perspective. He additionally writes extensively on current affairs. Rare for modern Western historians of Russia, he sources unique materials in Russian, pulling back the veil on a lot misunderstanding, starting from trendy historical past again to Russia’s very beginnings in the Middle Ages.

His personal website has a prodigious variety of educational articles on this subject. His articles on Russia Insider have been extremely popular due to their strong supporting research. Yow will discover a full archive of them here. Please help him on Patreon, the place he describes his work as ‘An electronic Molotov cocktail thrown into the faculty meeting of the tenured American professor.’ Hear, hear!

American casualty statistics for its conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq
are false. In Afghanistan, the Taliban, in response to the press, have been
destroyed with ease. The US stated 800 Taliban have been killed in the initial
attack in 2001, whereas Iranian and Afghan sources stated eight. The Taliban
are battle-hardened veterans and most of the People have been inexperienced and
far from residence.

The Iraqi story made no sense from the begin. The Iraqi military was a first-class, Soviet-trained machine of over one million soldiers, most of whom have been combat-hardened in the warfare with Iran. That conflict led to 1988, giving more than two years for that dynamic financial system to recuperate and replenish its losses. They have been deeply dug in and waiting for the American assault. Their anti-aircraft batteries have been Soviet made and nicely manned. Yet, the green American army rolled over all of this with no problem, displaying virtually no casualties. Has this occurred ever in the history of struggle?

In 2003, the Russian-language Overseas Army Assessment
revealed its personal intelligence statistics for the Iraq struggle. The writer
was a Colonel A. Svidirov. The argument he made was that the US has an
accounting technique that wildly underestimates losses. Losses are
understated on account of the presence of paid mercenaries preventing for the US
taking a large proportion of the loss (Sviderov, 2003).

Apparently, those killed “in terrorist attacks” will not be listed among official casualties. What may a “terrorist attack” be is outlined by the commander of the unit where the lifeless soldier served. For example, up to half of the losses in patrol towards Iraqi guerrillas don’t seem in loss statistics (Bulochnikov, 2016).

Further, it was non-People who bore the brunt of the major assaults. Whether or not it’s newly minted “Iraqi soldiers” or different coalition members from the Center East, these have been the majority of the first wave attacks. The Kuwaiti pressure was 140,000 at America’s disposal. The Turks had  5,000, Bahrain had Three,000 (Svidirov, 2003).

The suppression of the Shiite uprising in Fallujah have been Muslims preventing for the People. All NCOs have been non-People. The thought was that this is able to make more sense than “white men” attacking a non-white metropolis. Local collaborators and PMCs have been studiously ignored by the press, however they have been vital.

Pleasant hearth statistics will not be reported as official casualties
either. Troopers dying without the presence of bullet or shrapnel wounds
are also ignored and not included in the casualty lists (Svidirov,
2003). Troopers who die later in the hospital aren’t included in
casualty figures both.

Keep in mind too that receiving dying benefits requires the household signing a “non-disclosure” agreement with the government. “Embedded” journalists also contribute to the misreporting of casualties. How “embedded journalism,” an oxymoron, turned acceptable is a separate paper. Deserters usually are not counted at all. Tanks broken by enemy hearth have been taken for restore and destroyed once repairs have been deemed unattainable. These were not counted among materiel losses. The difference right here is between 30 and 850 pieces destroyed. Col. Svidirov writes: The efficiency of the US army in the first phases of the Iraqi conflict have been disastrous. They did not carry out nicely towards Iraqi air defenses. The end result was to move the operation to assault civilians. Only with the help of the media might US authorities its monumental losses (in six days of preventing, the US army has lost 15 thousand troopers, 600 tanks and 18 items of the latest-bomber plane in 1991). The convincing victory of the Iraqi armed forces have been related to well-trained and expertise personnel, as well as the availability of dependable and trendy army gear bought in Russia, Ukraine and China (Svidirov 2003).

This makes more sense than the official story. American exceptionalism also stretches to the claim that its media alone doesn’t exaggerate the enemy’s losses and downplay its own. No, the American press is way worse than the state-run press elsewhere. Anatoly Matviychuk, initially writing in Russian Soldier journal in 2012, said: [The war’s] results for America have been deplorable. The ground battle was gained at a high worth, in six days from February 24 to March 1, about 10 thousand “coalition” troopers (knowledge from Konstantin Kolontayev, historian and journalist, dated Might 2, 2009) have been killed and 60 tanks have been destroyed. The US managed, with the help of the entire Western mass media and Gorbachev of the USSR, to convince the world that this was a victory.  There was no victory, since the important objectives set for this warfare were not reached. Iraq’s ground forces were not surrounded and destroyed in Kuwait and southern Iraq and [the US] did not overthrow Saddam Hussein’s regime and set up liberal puppets (Matviychuk, 2012).

This can be a barely totally different set of figures than the official ones we hear of every day. Iraq’s air defenses destroyed the fable of American “stealth technology.” Soviet-era radar picked them up. In the first seven months of preventing in Iraq, the US and Britain lost more than 300 of their latest plane. Naturally, reporting on this is able to be an issue.

The Iraqi air protection suffered vital losses, primarily her
radar stations, which have been very quickly detected and, consequently, hit
from the air. In addition, US satellites and reconnaissance plane had
prime notch gear for eradicating electromagnetic radiation from
communication cables, subsequently, they very successfully recognized the
location of Iraq’s air protection command posts.

That is why in the late 90s, Iraqis, with the assist of Chinese language engineers, changed the previous wiring with fiber, which does not produce any electromagnetic radiation. Later, in 2000, Iraq bought four location remark stations of the Kolchuga sort from Ukraine. This step damaged American dominance in the air. The “invisibility” of the F-117A and B-2s is a standard fable, as it applies only to NATO radar. Nevertheless, Soviet-made radar from 40 years in the past function at a special radiation frequency.

The Kolchuga are technically not radar techniques. They are very sensitive radio direction-finding stations, which in themselves do not emit anything and subsequently can’t be detected. Nevertheless, they acknowledge airborne targets even by the quite weak radiation of their onboard electrical and electronic gear. Kolchuga has only one disadvantage: this station alone can’t clearly detect the target. In this case, it could actually only determine the path from which it’s shifting. Subsequently, for accurate detection, three stations must function simultaneously, thus forming a single “triangulation coordinate system.” Then they’ll give out full and really clear coordinates of the target: velocity, course, distance and altitude.

Iraq purchased four direction-finding stations in order that if one in every of the installations failed, the state of the “triangle” could possibly be restored very quickly. The Kolchuga, together with the latest fiber-optic communications system, made Iraq’s air defense methods virtually invulnerable to air strikes. Proof of this invulnerability was the defeat of the USAF offensive in August 2002-March 2003. In the course of the battle, 200 plane have been attacked concurrently by Iraq’s air defenses.

During the air attack on Iraq, which lasted greater than seven months,
the United States and Nice Britain lost 300 airplanes, of which 250
have been American, and the Iraqi air defenses did not endure at all. The
United Kingdom throughout this offensive misplaced more than half of its
aircraft. Army reference books claim that in 2001, the RAF had about
300 combat plane, whereas in early March 2003, statistics confirmed
that the UK had only 110. Where did they all go?

From the end of March to the beginning of April 2003, throughout the
centralized control of the Baghdad air defense, Three-5 aircraft have been shot
down only in the capital, as numerous news businesses reported. Nevertheless, in
wartime circumstances, journalists have been very limited in their movements,
subsequently the approximate actual determine of the downed aircraft over the
capital and its environment per day have been more like 10-12 models
in accordance with Russian intelligence sources.

Few outdoors of Russia understand that it was Yugoslavian tanks, the M-84 (the licensed model of the T-72) with Czechoslovak crews, that have been the first to enter Kuwait.  The American M1 went, as all the time, behind. Based on the testimony of Russian soldiers from the peacekeeping contingent in Bosnia, the real American army is radically totally different from the well-known image of the “Iron Soldier of the 21st Century.” Principally, these are individuals with poor bodily coaching and a substantial number of males with pronounced bodily and psychological defects.

On April 9, 2004, the Fallujah assault, or the Second Battle of Fallujah, lasted four days, with the People being repulsed. The US responds by dumping many 200 kilogram bombs on residential areas. But, even with that, 4000 guerrillas defeated 25,000 American soldiers a number of months later at Al-Rahmani beneath the code identify “Ghost Rage.” When Fallujah was lastly taken, defenders’ our bodies exhibited burn marks in keeping with chemical warfare.

Another Russian army analyst provides an instance: 
An American convoy in Iraq was attacked by partisans.
They blew up the entrance and rear automobiles and began spraying vans
with gunfire. The troopers jumped out of the vans and lay down.
Drivers, with a view to deliver the automobiles out of the hearth, began to drive
via ditches and crush their troopers. Nevertheless, some automobiles with
troopers in bodies that didn’t have time to leap out from beneath the
assault, turned over and caught hearth. Losses have been high. So all the
corpses on which there were no traces of bullets and shrapnel, recorded
victims of accidents (Bulochnikov, 2016).

This was an precise event, although the writer doesn’t give a date.
Virtually all the soldiers were not reported killed by the enemy, but by
accident. This is only one method the US hides its embarrassing losses.

Please go to Russia Insider to learn this wonderful overview.


Captain Might (deceased) describes the faulty figures on the deaths of US soldiers killed in Iraq. Captain Might goes over intimately the battle that passed off at the Baghdad Worldwide Airport with the US Military’s 3rd Division 3/7 Cavalry circling the airport. There was an enormous battle that occurred at the Baghdad Worldwide Airport and to hide this reality, the “war hero” Jessica Lynch case erupted in the information to distract from this battle the place there were giant losses to the US Army. Captain Might named his work “Ghost Troop” in honor of these troopers who have been killed in Iraq but weren’t reported as the essay above discusses.

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