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Ex Made in Chelsea Star Josh Patterson talks to Able about taking on the challenge of 34 marathons in 19 days in a wheelchair to honour best friend Ben Tansley

On April 23rd to Might 11th 2019 Joshua Patterson, best recognized for appearing in Made In Chelsea, is trying to set a new male world document time travelling from John-O’-Groats to Land’s End (900 miles) by wheelchair.

In 2017, Josh’s best friend Ben Tansley was concerned in a motorbike accident that left him paralysed from the waist down following visiting Josh and Binky to meet their daughter India when she was first born. Throughout his restoration Ben asked Josh to full the Berlin Marathon with him in a wheelchair to understand each the physical and psychological challenges that he (and lots of others) face. Josh agreed, keen to embark on the super challenge together with his best friend and the pair completed it in September 2018, crossing the finish line.

Able spoke to Josh and Ben about the upcoming challenge from John-O-Groats to Lands Finish the place they talk about raising awareness and help for many who are in wheelchairs, raising money for the Spinal Accidents Association, Royal Marines and Heads Collectively, charities which are incredibly shut to their hearts.

Why did you select this specific challenge, travelling from John-O’Groats to Land’s End to increase wheelchair awareness?

Josh: I needed to set a challenge to prove a level right here, that we’re raising money for three charities, SIA – Spinal Accidents Affiliation, which is the charity that supported Ben after his accident, Heads Collectively, which focuses on mental well being, one thing that I’ve been open about and stated that I’ve lived with for a nice half of my life after which, the Royal Marines. I feel the reality is that it doesn’t matter who you’re or what stroll of life you’re from, everyone sooner or later in their life is going to face adversity. And I feel being so closely invested in these three specific communities highlights the superb values that can be taken from each of them.

From a service level, there are Marines on the market who are mentally and physically harder than most individuals on this planet, and yet the actuality is, post-service, there are individuals, women and men, who at the moment are presently dwelling with a disability, due to casualties in the subject. As well as individuals who at the moment are dwelling with psychological sickness, like PTSD. I feel, relatively than the particular person feeling like life is over, there are qualities, from the other charities, where they can be impressed to see that life is simply just starting.

This challenge, for me, is basically embodying all of that. I actually need individuals to take satisfaction and power in being weak and accepting it. I feel it’s a big half of life and society, that we try to cover up. For me doing this challenge, it leaves me incredibly weak as somebody that has lived with mental illness and still has his battles. That is a challenge that mentally will push me farther than I’ve ever been before. From a bodily level of view, I feel a lot of individuals don’t actually understand the magnitude of the challenge or the difficulties of an able-bodied individual truly being in the wheelchair. By being in this race chair, it can be fairly proscribing. So, physically, this is going to push me additional than ever, nevertheless it’s going to take a Royal Marine mentality to get me throughout that line. So, by being inclusive of these three communities, to help me alongside the means, hopefully, it’s going to create something massively profitable and we will create an unlimited quantity of consciousness for a lot of women and men that need it.

If you have been asked by Ben to take on the Berlin marathon in a wheelchair, what have been your preliminary ideas?

Josh: I didn’t really assume a lot about it, to be trustworthy. I just assume, you realize, my best buddy referred to as me up and asked me to do one thing with him and one of my sayings is that ‘we’re naïve enough to assume that tomorrow is promised’. I feel, having been at such a darkish level in my life, I really see life as a present.

I feel each time a chance comes up, particularly when your best buddy asks you to do it, you’ve acquired to take them. They’re such fantastic reminiscences and you actually don’t understand how much time you might have on this planet, so make the most of the time that you simply truly do.

I referred to as up Ben pretty shortly once I started my coaching and realised what I’d received myself in for, which was a fairly huge challenge!

Ben: I feel, originally, with the Berlin Marathon, Josh truly thought he was operating it! He shortly agreed, after which I was like, “Oh, actually, I want you to do it in a wheelchair with me.” So, the tables actually turned fairly shortly!

How did you both discover taking on the Berlin marathon; did you are feeling it raised your personal awareness of the challenges wheelchair customers face from travel preparations to outside sports activities?

Ben: I feel we each had two, particular person approaches to it actually. I’d just lately been paralysed and I needed to come straight out of hospital and do a marathon to show those that typically life throws you a curveball, and you may still continue to encourage and do things. I didn’t actually need to practice for it, I simply needed to go in and show that I had the psychological toughness to, push via a marathon so soon after an damage. Whereas, Josh took it from a real, “So, I’m going to train really hard for this,” level of view. We helped one another by means of from two differing types of angles.

Josh: I feel what you see with our Berlin documentary is that from a psychological well being point what was really fascinating is the transition in our journey leading up to the marathon. That, finally, I used to be there really supporting my best friend, however truly, the tables turned once I hit quite a dark level in my life, and this wheelchair, which sounds really unusual to individuals, was truly my place of peace; it was my solace. I don’t associate a wheelchair with a disability, it’s grow to be a part of my life and one thing that I really like. It is something that has turn out to be so instrumental in enabling me to come over my own hurdles in my mindset.

I learnt a great deal from it but, also, I feel the journey leading up to it, it really did topic me to some of the harsh realities that not just Ben, however so many individuals face each single day within the wheelchair. I feel, again, that’s why I’ve turn out to be so invested within this as a result of we are all equals and all of us deserve an accessible life.

Ben: I feel it opened us each up to truly seeing what athletes are out there in the world. In terms of the wheelchair group, there are some amazingly gifted individuals. You don’t usually notice at first if you’re able-bodied however there are some super athletes out there.

You latterly brought out a documentary on your journey together completing the Berlin marathon, do you are feeling the documentary will assist different wheelchair customers to get inspired and take on new challenges?

Ben: Nicely, I actually have a friend who I met at physio, he’s truly been paralysed for seven years. He’s in his 50s and hasn’t actually executed much since being paralysed. He was a eager bike owner earlier than, and he’s truly doing the Paris Marathon this yr, as a result of of me doing the Berlin Marathon.

Josh: I feel the most essential factor is to just show Ben’s character and his angle to his accident. Though it might seem now to be a uncommon quality, it’s something that everybody can obtain. I feel he’s very lucky that he’s a robust individual. His past in boxing has given him that preventing mentality, to not permit himself to hand over. I feel he’s obtained a fantastic network of family and friends who’ve been incredibly supportive. I hope this documentary, can encourage anybody, it doesn’t even have to be someone with a physical incapacity. The truth is that you simply all face this adversity sooner or later in your life, but quite than allowing it to end your life, simply consider, like Ben does, that it’s just the starting.

Ben brazenly admits that he truthfully believes his accident is the biggest present that he’s been given. The issues that he’s attaining, and the individuals’s lives that he’s touching, he never would have achieved earlier than. I feel it provides you a higher appreciation of the life that you’ve. I feel we simply get up day-after-day, and it resonates within the documentary, just how much we are grateful for life and how many individuals we would like to help.

Would you find a way to go through some of the workouts that you simply had to bear in the build-up to your challenge? Are there any prime ideas you may give to build both physical and mental power?

Ben: I feel, in my first yr of being paralysed, I came out and needed to attempt every little thing. I feel my first yr paralysed, I’d in all probability executed more than most. And I fell in love with kayaking, truly, during my training for the Berlin Marathon, I did a hell of a lot extra kayaking than I did pushing, which turns out to not be the best recommendation. But I feel the most important factor is simply to exit and check out new things.

I feel individuals are a hell of a lot stronger than they actually realise they’re. You possibly can typically stew at house considering and over-thinking about belongings you’d like to attempt to do. I feel with anything, it’s just then making an attempt and doing it. The only difference is how lengthy it takes to get there. Most people pull by means of it they usually find sports and issues they love. It just takes time. I feel, a lot of individuals, once they struggle it, they remorse not making an attempt issues sooner. So, I might just say go out and check out things, and just see what you are able to do.

Josh: I feel my advice can be, when you do anything in life, or in case you’re going to set yourself up for a marathon, simply make it possible for the elementary inspiration behind it actually resonates with you and has that influence. For me, understanding that I’m doing this for my best mate, and the charities which have helped him after his accident, there was little question in my thoughts, whether we educated or not, that we have been going to cross that line together. It just made the entire experience incredibly particular. I’m simply so grateful that I used to be in a position to be a part of this with him.

In terms of the coaching, I feel it’s so necessary for you to just remember to can proceed to do your coaching in the chair, attempt to get outdoors as much as potential. I feel when the weather’s good if you will get yourself out to any type of park. I know typically you possibly can have limitations by being in a city, but there are all the time areas where you possibly can practice, and there are all the time people which might be very happy to help or practice you. You’ve just received to discover them.

I feel that’s what we’re actually making an attempt to obtain right now, is simply building that awareness so that any man, lady or youngster can know whether there’s a coach or an academy somewhere close to them. I feel the difficulty proper now’s that there are a lot of people on the market that don’t necessarily know about this, and are feeling isolated or excluded.

Ben: I feel that’s the great point about social media, where there’s a great group of individuals. It exhibits that even to the biggest athletes in wheelchairs, they are only a message away. I’ve found, up to now, regardless of who I’ve messaged for recommendation, everyone is keen to assist. I feel whenever you’ve been by means of one thing traumatic yourself, you possibly can relate to individuals which were too, everyone’s so helpful. There’s a nice group of individuals out there.

I do know together with your upcoming challenge, you’re wanting to set a new world document. What’s your final aim? Are you feeling constructive and assured about reaching it?

Josh: This is the first time that I’m going into a challenge where I can truthfully say I do not know what the end result is. And that’s the first time I’ve ever stated that. Normally, I’m going into it and I’m assured I’ll win, or I’ll obtain what I set out to do. I don’t assume individuals understand the magnitude of this challenge. The benchmark right now’s 19 days, and in order to achieve that, there wants to be 34 marathons achieved in that time. Now, whether or not you’re a skilled athlete or not, there are such a lot of explanation why you gained’t have the ability to obtain this. That’s the reason it’s so essential that the purpose why we’re doing that is the inspiration.

I would like individuals to see the vulnerability, with individuals that have mental illness which are in wheelchairs, and to present the power and the resilience that they have.

That is quite a massive statement that we’re making here. This is extra than simply me being in a wheelchair, making an attempt to break a time. This is a message that we’re making an attempt to ship, to ensure that any individual can have the happiest and fulfilled life.

Ben: I don’t assume individuals perceive that just because Josh is able-bodied it gained’t be a simple challenge using a racing wheelchair for 19 days straight. I personally can’t even get in a racing wheelchair because of sensation I’ve round my knees. For him to be in it for 19 days is an occasion in itself.

Josh: I would like individuals to be invested in this as a lot as I am. Now I’ve had an insight into it, and a style for it, I’m so excited by so many of the totally different sports within the Paralympic Games. It’s all thanks to Ben, actually. I would like individuals to watch things like the Paralympic Video games and completely take pleasure in it, and never see it as a side-sport. These people, what they do day-after-day is unimaginable.

The typical velocity I’m going at in this wheelchair in terms of my ultimate velocity, I’d say is round 11-miles-an-hour. David Weir’s minimal is, 15/16-miles-an-hour, and he goes as fast as 25-miles-an-hour. I feel individuals simply assume as a result of I can walk, that it’s a breeze in the park me moving into this chair. Truly, it’s the furthest thing from it. I feel it’s individuals’s naivety and ignorance that we’re making an attempt to right here. I’m simply actually going on the market with my best mate, and we’re making an attempt to deliver a message. Hopefully, slowly, individuals will pay attention and we will start to make a change and make individuals feel extra welcome.

Ben: I was one of these individuals at the start. Once I’d been paralysed about three days and I came out of the operation I stated to my dad, “I’m going to be a Paralympian, don’t worry.” I simply figured that, because I’d been so sporty earlier than, I was going to get in this wheelchair and truly be one of the best individuals in a wheelchair. Now I’m truly in it and also you’re wanting around there are some super individuals on the market. I used to be very naïve to it myself early on, to assume I was just going to get in a wheelchair and break data. The truth is there are some superb individuals out there performing some superb things.

What do you are feeling shall be most difficult about your upcoming document attempt? Can you’re taking us by way of how the challenge will work from start to end?

Josh: We actually need to be inclusive here. The plan over the 19 days, (if that’s what we’re in a position to achieve it in) is we’re going to be having people becoming a member of me on numerous legs. I might love to attempt to dedicate every day that we race to one individual. Both an individual who is living with mental sickness or physial disability, which have impressed me or any serviceman or lady who’re dealing with adversity and doing the most superb issues.

The preparation actually is about the folks that I might be in a position to do that alongside. Ben is going to be coming out and joining me on a number of legs, fitness permitted. The sport plan is just me being in the chair as a lot as I can and just breaking my body down and adapting to the chair as much as I can. I feel simply waking up day by day and understanding that there’s a person’s identify that we’d like to point out at the start of the day, and there’s a person that may come and be a part of us, I feel that’s going to be, the largest inspiration behind making an attempt to obtain this.

I’ve checked out your YouTube documentary collection, Limitless, and I perceive it’s serving to to showcase the power of the mind and change how we see ourselves. Do you are feeling the collection will help others who’re struggling in the face of adversity? Is that your essential aim with the collection, that you simply’re focusing on?

Josh: Sure. Ben’s been featured in this yr’s collection. It focuses on one particular person from any stroll of life; it doesn’t matter whether you’re black, white, straight, gay, wealthy, poor – adversity will come for you. I feel, moderately than accepting the fate that you simply’re typically given, you want to perceive that there’s all the time that opportunity of beating it; all the time. I feel the individuals that we’ve filmed with, you get to see some of the adversity these guys face and the way statistics are always thrown at them, they’re continually informed that they will or can’t do something. As an alternative, they take it into their own palms, they usually beat the odds, they usually turn out to be the new statistic.

I feel that’s what I actually need to encourage, alongside Ben together with his angle, is that any mindset has that capability; that if you’re advised you’ll be able to’t do one thing, I promise you, if you would like it enough, you actually can. I feel that’s why having Ben be a half of that is so necessary, because he was informed that he won’t ever walk once more. There are various extra issues that him and I want to achieve together, and we are working extremely exhausting, to present that anything is possible.

Do you have got any upcoming challenges, Ben, that you simply’d like to speak about?

Ben: I’ve obtained a massive one I’m making an attempt to make occur in the direction of the end of the yr. There’s a huge set of stairs in China referred to as Heaven’s Gate, it’s about 999 steps from the bottom to the prime. The plan is for Josh to carry my legs and I’m going to go up them on my palms. I like the entire idea of dropping your legs and still reaching Heaven’s Gate on your palms. We’d like to flip that into a documentary as properly. Aside from that, I’ve simply received a new hand bike and racing wheelchair so I’m nonetheless just making an attempt masses of various things.

Joshua Patterson will attempt to set a new World Report travelling from John O Groats to Land’s End by guide wheelchair in 19 days from April 23rd 2019.

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