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NewsGuard was created to serve the interests of American [Jewish] oligarchy – Abel Danger

Ed.’s word: What must be pointed out is that NewsGuard’s CEO Steven Brill is Jewish which would imply censorship at NewsGuard on any criticism related to Israel or Jewish oligarchs and Neocon networks in the United States. This may additionally explain the cause for Steven Brill “brushing off MintPress‘ investigations suggesting that MintPress was a site secretly supported by Russia Today and Sputnik news.” What seems to be reflected in all this are those Jews who despise Russia. Imagine how far more Russia can be despised by Jews once they find out a baker In Russia refuses to serve homosexuals?

We see in America a preponderance of liberal Jews who promote various life and the complete LBGTQ political warfare happening in America. In Brill’s ebook Tailspin: The Individuals and Forces Behind America’s Fifty-Yr-Fall — and Those Preventing to Reverse It, it is pointed out “Brill offers a rare thing: an intelligible summary of the political and policy changes that transformed American life in the last 50 years.” One of these “political and policy changes” included America’s immigration laws that have been basically altered by Jewish participation, yet Brill did not convey this subject up in his e-book. In an Atlantic article revealed in 2010, the writer of the article admitted Jews have turn out to be the new WASPs in America.

Tailspin: The Individuals and Forces Behind America’s Fifty-Yr Fall—and Those Preventing to Reverse It

Search for a time limit with these new laws coming in America that any criticism of Jews, Jewish oligarchs in America controlling coverage and Israel, will grow to be unlawful underneath these new laws of antisemitism being ready. Then applied to any criticism of NewsGuard that may censor all criticism of Jewish oligarchs and Israel in America. This complete discussion is all about Jews when analyzed rigorously, but in “offical news sources” this subject is handled with rigorously worded reporting. In any case, no one needs to be censored by NewsGuard. Maybe People ought to look to the UK to see the way you “reap what you sow.” The very last thing Jewish oligarchs can afford to occur is for People to come to the mass realization something stinks actually dangerous in the kitchen. That’s the cause for the drive to suppress the 1st Amendment and take away any remaining free speech in America.

Ilhan Omar’s tweet revealed core truths about anti-Semitism in America

Antisemitism Is Now a Mass Motion in Britain

Richard Stengel who can also be discussed on this MintPress article revealed under, was the managing editor of Time Magazine between 2006 and 2013. It was underneath Stengel when Fb founder (he didn’t find something except quite a bit of cash) Mark Zuckerberg was given “Person of the Year” in 2010 by Time. And now 9 years later it ought to be more than apparent just how a lot censorship is happening at Facebook beneath Mark Zuckerberg. In fact, it goes with out saying Zuckerberg is Jewish. The emotions listed here are any damaging publicity Richard Stengel allowed to be proven in the direction of Israel whereas at Time was in all probability principally cowl that might have provided legitimacy – and gross sales – for Time. Type of a false discourse solely Israel would have benefited from regardless that the Jerusalem Submit criticized Time underneath Stengel. It’s simply principally a worldwide info conflict the place it comes down to who writes the best propaganda to degrade enemy hierarchies.

Israel Political Temporary Might 18, 2012: TIME Journal devotes its cover story this week to PM Binyamin Netanyahu, named “King Bibi”

Here is what TruthWiki wrote bout NewsGuard. Readers might want too read the whole write up on NewsGuard by TruthWiki earlier than happening to learn the MintPress article under. Yet one more factor that ought to be pointed out too is that Microsoft is determined by Israeli tech companies for its R&D. This is essential to know as a result of Israeli tech companies wrote the code for Home windows 10 and NewsGuard works on Microsoft browsers, just ask Bill Gates.

NewsGuard is a propaganda and fake-ratings analysis firm that uses pseudo-journalists to create new pretend information filters as additional promotion of misinformation and disinformation coming from immediately’s prime 7,500 information sources. Their educated analysts assessment online information manufacturers to help propaganda mass media rule the web by censoring, banning, abolishing, and bankrupting professional journalism that helps and propels healthy consuming, natural drugs, sustainable farming practices, essential considering, individualism, self-reliance, and of course, the Constitution.

As People although compared to most other nations, we can’t permit free speech to be compromised or jeopardized in any approach. Keep in mind, virtually all the “extremism” is isolated to the internet and infrequently gets expressed in actual violence in public. And if we do see occasions like what happened in New Zealand, these occasions are virtually all the time massaged into existence by respective personal intelligence networks working with the media to compel society in a selected course.

White House REFUSES Main Worldwide Call For Censorship On-line

The oligarchy who run America want the complete management of all media.

The Oligarch Takeover of US media


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A Biased Newsguard Honors MintPress with “Red” Score: Right here’s Our Point by Level Response

Newsguard reviewer Jeannie Kamin seems to conflate reporting important of U.S.-backed terror teams in Syria, reminiscent of Al-Nusra Front and different extremist teams, with help for Bashar al-Assad.

by Mnar Muhawesh and Whitney Webb | Might 15, 2019

n January, MintPress was contacted by Jeannie Kamin, a contributor to the information score website and browser plug-in “NewsGuard.” As I, MintPress Editor-in-Chief Mnar Muhawesh, wrote at the time, Kamin had despatched “a list of eight loaded questions that were crafted to put me on the defensive and undermine MintPress‘ credibility from the get-go. Not only that, but the questions framed MintPress as having a secret agenda aimed at hiding its ownership and funding.”

MintPress subsequently revealed my full response to Kamin’s inquiries, in addition to an investigative report authored by MintPress employees writer Whitney Webb that charted the troubling ties of the Newsguard organization to, among other figures, former CIA Director Michael Hayden, former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge, and self-described “chief propagandist” for the Obama state department, Richard Stengel. The report was extensively circulated and discussed amongst unbiased media retailers as well as RT and Sputnik.

Subsequently, NewsGuard CEO Steven Brill disregarded our investigation and went on to recommend that MintPress was a website “secretly supported” by RT and Sputnik, and some mainstream information sites like Folio asserted that MintPress was a “Kremlin-linked outlet,” a false claim they have been later pressured to retract.

Almost three months later it has come to our consideration that Kamin, on Newsguard’s behalf, had lastly produced the score and “nutrition label” of MintPress. Newsguard, unsurprisingly, gave our website a purple score and summed up MintPress as “a website focused on U.S. foreign policy and the Middle East that often mixes news and opinion and misrepresents reporting from other news organizations.” What follows is my and MintPress’ official response to NewsGuard’s “nutrition label,” which goals to reply to every one of Kamin’s claims in addition to stating Kamin’s own political biases that clearly informed her evaluation of our website and its content material.

Response to Content

In describing the content of MintPress reporting, Kamin characterizes the MintPress website as:

[Publishing] originally-produced worldwide information that steadily focuses on the Middle East and consists of content material favorable in the direction of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Tales cover Iran and the Syrian battle, in addition to Israel, political turmoil in Venezuela, and the ‘Yellow Vest’ protests in France.”

Without providing evidence, Kamin paints MintPress as being “pro-Assad” and pro-Iran, a declare she echoes afterward when repeating discredited BuzzFeed smears of my household and Muslim religion. Kamin provides no examples of MintPress treating Assad favorably anyplace in her write-up and appears to conflate reporting crucial of U.S.-backed terror teams in Syria, comparable to Al-Nusra Front and other extremist teams, with help for Assad.

Kamin also claims that MintPress covers Iran extensively and in addition states on this summary of MintPress that MintPress frequently republishes “the Iran-owned PressTV.” Nevertheless, MintPress — which republishes articles from a number of retailers day-after-day — has republished articles from PressTV just 3 times since January 2016, averaging round every year. Furthermore, websites rated inexperienced by NewsGuard, resembling NBC Information, additionally republish PressTV articles.

In addition, Kamin’s declare that MintPress regularly focuses on Iran in lieu of different subjects can also be misleading, since solely 5 reviews revealed by MintPress in the past month — some of which have been republished from other sites — have been about Iran, with most of them specializing in the clearly newsworthy developments in U.S. Iran policy — corresponding to labeling the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a terrorist group and John Bolton’s current “warning” to Iran this past Sunday. Kamin fails to word the moderately apparent proven fact that MintPress‘ reporting on Yemen and Saudi Arabia is considerably more extensive than MintPress’ reporting on Iran.

As will grow to be clear, Kamin’s own private bias of supporting the U.S. agenda of regime change in Syria, while additionally brazenly being pro-Syrian opposition and pro-Israel, impacted her evaluate of MintPress. Consequently, she overly focuses on MintPress reporting on Syria, Israel and Iran as the basis for giving the MintPress website a pink score whereas ignoring MintPress‘ extensive and ground-breaking reporting on other topics. She adopts this slant in order to paint MintPress and Mnar Muhawesh as unprofessionally sympathetic to Iran and Syria, based on the fact that Muhawesh’s father-in-law — who just isn’t concerned in the website’s content in any respect — lived in Iran for a couple of years in the 1980s. This smear, first circulated by BuzzFeed (rated inexperienced by Newsguard), is mentioned in detail afterward on this response.

Please go to MPN to learn the whole article.



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